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While we can't guarantee that all of the requests and interest in your ads will turn into closed deals, we do know  that 70% of all home buyers and sellers work with the first Realtor they meet. It's really important that you follow up with your leads immediately, and frequently to stay on top of mind with these prospects. 

We recommend: 

  • Sending an email to each lead inquiry within 5 minutes of receiving the notification email from Boost.

  • Add each lead to your weekly email list or drip campaign.

  • Send emails to this list regularly and remind them who you are and how they found you.

  • If they didn't respond to the email you sent about the listing they showed interest in from your ad, send them other listings that you have that are similar to the one in your ad. 

You might also receive notifications about people "Liking" or commenting on your ads on Facebook. For these request, we recommend you following up on the post directly, or utilizing Facebook messenger to reach out to these potential buyers. 

When someone comments on an ad in this way, reply publicly to the comment so others can see the answer, and to show that you're engaged and always there for your clients.  Ads with engagement and direct responses to comments perform better. 

You can also click on the person's name and send them a direct message via Facebook messenger if the comment requires more follow up. 

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