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How can I see my ad and share it on my own Facebook page?
How can I see my ad and share it on my own Facebook page?

Show friends, family, and followers your ad by following these steps!

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Ads created by Boost will not automatically display on your business Facebook page. (Our intelligent targeting system is optimized to display your ads to buyers and sellers surrounding your selected location.)

The ads are placed in the Facebook news feeds of thousands of prospects as sponsored ads. But you do have the ability to preview and share your ad from your own personal page or business page so your ad can be seen by your closest friends, family, and followers. (The more eyes on your ads, the better!)

Just follow these easy steps!

1. Log into your Boost dashboard & tap “VIEW / EDIT” next to the ad you’d like to preview

Please note the ad must be live or scheduled already.

View and edit an ad for Facebook

2. Tap on the live link for Facebook under “Preview your ad.”

preview your ad link in dashboard

This will take you to either your personal or business Facebook page (whatever page you were on most recently on the device you’re using).

3. Copy the URL that populates in the browser search bar

4. Navigate to the Facebook page you'd like to share your ad from & select "Create Post"

In the upper right corner, you can choose to share it from your Business page or personal page.

5. Paste that URL exactly into the "Create Post" section

The ad will populate directly, including the text and photo from Boost. After it populates, go ahead and delete the URL (in blue).

6. Type in your own custom text to draw attention to your ad

Add in a bit of personality or other property features that may entice your friends, family, and clients to click on it!

7. Tap the "Post" button

Your ad will now show up on your Facebook page!

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