RELATED ARTICLE: What happens when someone clicks on my ad?

The ads that Boost creates will not automatically be shown on your business page as a post. Ads are targeted to a custom audience of home buyers that are looking for homes in your listing's area, that match the property details. These ads will then be placed in those prospects news feed as a sponsored advertisement. It's a bit different than "boosting" or sharing a post from your agent business page. 

If you'd like to see a preview of your ad, and share it to your business and/or personal Facebook pages, we definitely encourage that as it will get even more eyes on your ads! 

In the Boost dashboard, tap on View next to any of your live ads. 

Underneath your ad preview, you'll see a link for Facebook and Instagram. Click on either link to see what your ad looks like on those social media platforms. 

Next, you'll want to share this ad to to your own page. To do this, tap on "Share" from the preview and select "Share to a Page" to post this ad on your own Facebook business page to have your network see the ad as well.

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