Boost by HomeSpotter will create ads for your listings that are shown on Facebook, Instagram and across the web, and are targeted to a custom audience of people who are in the market for a home. 

HomeSpotter’s intelligent targeting system creates a unique audience for each listing. The system categorizes a listing based on a variety of factors including price, number of bedrooms, and many other unique characteristics of the property that might appeal to specific home buyers described in HomeSpotter’s marketing personas. 

The system allows Boost to prioritize reaching the people who are most likely to be interested based on their known attributes while maintaining a large enough audience size to ensure that we can deliver volume.

HomeSpotter also looks at the location of your listing and uses geo-targeting to make sure we're showing your ads to  those in the area surrounding the listing. 

We rely heavily on proprietary algorithms that are based on third-party data, public records and even from online signals that are detected about specific consumers. This means that HomeSpotter does not rely solely on Facebooks targeting tools and is why it results in high click thru and lead capture rates. 

Boost also includes seller re-targeting to deliver satisfaction. 

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