Who will see my ad?

Boost's intelligent targeting helps you reach the right people.

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Boost by HomeSpotter will create ads for your listings that are shown on Facebook, Instagram and across the web, and are targeted to people who are in the market for a home. We’ll work with you to display your ads to the best possible audience!

People who may be targeted with a listing ad

You can choose to show your listing ads to new people who are in the market for a home using HomeSpotter’s intelligent targeting system, or create a custom audience using contacts from your own sphere.

HomeSpotter’s default intelligent targeting

Our intelligent targeting system creates a unique audience for each and every listing. Boost by HomeSpotter categorizes every listing by using a combination of geo-targeting based on the location or the target area you select (we give you this control on every ad you run with Boost) and listing attributes (things like the price, # of beds and baths, and other unique features).

Then Boost optimizes your ad to reach the people who are most likely to interact with it based on their previous online clicks and behaviors! The system allows Boost to prioritize reaching the people who are most likely to be interested based on their known attributes while maintaining a large enough audience size to ensure that we can deliver volume and qualified leads.

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Our technology relies heavily on proprietary algorithms that are based on third-party data, public records, and even from online signals that are detected about specific consumers. This means that HomeSpotter does not rely solely on Facebook’s targeting tools … and is why it results in high click thru and lead capture rates!

Note: Our targeting is compliant with Fair Housing guidelines and designed to work with Facebook's special rules for housing-related ads!

Retarget ads to a custom audience

You also have the option to combine your listing page visitors, your contacts, and open house leads to target your listing ads.

If you've had 300 visitors to your Boost landing page for an agent-paid ad in the last 90 days, you'll have the option to retarget and upload that contact list. This allows you to retarget those who have previously clicked on a Boost powered landing page for one of your previous ads.

If you tap on "Add on a custom audience of contacts and website visitors" under the map view, follow the on-screen prompts to upload your contact list that includes Boost landing page visitors and/or other contact. Learn more about retargeting to a custom audience here.

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