As soon as an ad is ready to be promoted by Boost, you'll receive an email letting you know! We recommend you take these steps whenever you receive an email like this:

  1. Click on the link to view your ad on Facebook and share it with your own social networks. You can also do this anytime from the dashboard. 

  2. Add your seller's information! With Boost, we can make sure to target your seller so they see their ad online while it's running.

  3. Make Edits: With Boost, you have full editorial control of your ads. Check out the preview of your ad in the email below. If you'd like to make any changes before your ad goes live (or while the campaign is running), tap on Make Edits

  4. You can always sign into your dashboard from this email as well. In your dashboard you can review and manage all of your Boost ads and make additional purchases if you choose. 

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