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What type of ad engagement notifications will I get?
What type of ad engagement notifications will I get?
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With Boost, our goal is to keep you in the loop on all your ads! This means we'll send you instant notifications anytime someone engages with your ad or with your listing landing page.

Boost Landing Page Activity

If you're using Boost landing pages with your ads, you'll receive notifications when someone interacts with those landing pages.

Ad Unlocked Notifications- If using our gated landing pages, consumers will need to connect their Facebook in order to access more information on your listing like photos, the address or directions. We'll notify you once a day with a summary of this type of engagement. 

You'll also receive instant real-time notifications if someone fills out a request for more information or mortgage information on your landing page.

Ad Engagement

Boost will also notify you anytime someone comments or reacts to your ad on Facebook and Instagram. You'll receive an email from us so you can follow up accordingly. 

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