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How do I edit my ads?
How do I edit my ads?

Edit text, images, targeting, and ad landing page by following these steps.

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With Boost, you’ll always have full editorial control of your ads … even WHILE they are running! Whether the campaign has been running for 5 days or 5 minutes, you can edit the following at any time:

  • Ad text and image

  • Audience target

  • Ad landing page

Get started by following these simple steps!

1. Log into your dashboard

If you’re not sure how to find your dashboard, go to and type in your brokerage email address and we’ll look for your dashboard.

You can also go back to any email you received from, and grab the direct link to your dashboard in the email. The Connect Activity Feed is another way you can be brought straight to your dashboard, of which you can skip to step 3.

2. In the dashboard, tap on the “VIEW / EDIT” button next to any of your live ads to make edits

A page will pop open showing the ad you’re currently running and a general overview of how long it’s been running, engagement information, and other options to increase exposure, add seller info, and more.

screenshot of editing ad dashboard

3. Tap the “Edit Campaign” button

screenshot of Edit campaign button

You will have the ability to edit the ad listing features that display next. Just tap the "EDIT" button next to the info you would like to update, and you’ll see real-time changes in the ad preview.

edited ad preview screen

- About editable ad campaign elements -

Ad text and image:

This includes ad type and accompanying details (e.g. new listing or open house), social and web ad text and listing photos, and your agent contact info and photo. Grab some extra tips on optimizing your text and images here.

Who will see your ad?

Our intelligent targeting system is optimized to find buyers and sellers surrounding the selected location. But sometimes you may want to redirect your listing ads to a different neighborhood audience, or increase the size of the geographic area to reach more potential buyers. This is where you can make those changes. Here’s more info on HomeSpotter’s targeting system.

Ad landing page:

Choose where visitors should land after clicking on the ad here. By default, ad clicks go to a mobile-optimized Boost landing page designed for qualified lead capture. If you'd rather drive traffic to another page, this is where you’ll make that edit.

If you have a new virtual tour link to share since starting your campaign, you can add that into this page, as well.

ad text and image choices

Remember to tap the “Save and preview” button after you have made your edits within each section!

4. Tap “Update ad” button

Once you click on this, you’ll automatically be sent back to your campaign details page where you should see your updates appear. If you do not see them right away please refresh your screen.

➤ NOTE: Editing and republishing campaigns may result in the following:

  • Loss of specific data around users who've previously engaged with your ad: names, comments, reactions, and video stats.

  • Potential impact to ad performance, since Facebook may kick the ad into a new review (which can take up to 24 hours).

  • After republishing, you may notice that instead of a specific name displaying under your ad, it will change to "Anonymous User." You will also see "anonymous engagement" on your engagement activity report for those users who engaged with previous versions of your edited ad.

Looking to increase the number of ad impressions (the number of people who will be served your ad in their feed)? Head over to this page for the steps on how to do that.

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