Your ads will soon begin to receive Clicks, Views and Engagement. 

Views: Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook and you see a "Sponsored Ad"? These are the kinds of ads Boost builds for you! Anytime someone sees your ad online it will count as a view.

Click: Anytime someone clicks on this ad, they'll be brought to a landing page to learn more about your listing. This landing page will have all the information they need about your home as well as your contact information.

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Engagement: When someone requests more information on your listing or calls/texts or emails you from a Boost landing page, this will count as engagement.

Please note that people that click on listings ads will either be be sent to a custom branded listing landing page that Boost creates (where we can track engagements) or back to the listing details on your brokerages website. If your brokerage is using our landing pages (we cannot track engagements for this).

We also track anytime someone comments or reacts (likes) to your ad on Facebook and Instagram. 

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