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Do you offer online training for Boost?
Do you offer online training for Boost?

Yes! Check out the free live online training options here.

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Whether you're new to Boost or need a refresher, here are a few webinars to help you out!

In this webinar, you will learn all the basics of the Boost by HomeSpotter program and tools. We'll go through what Boost is, how it works, and walk through a live demo of the app in action!

If you've already checked out the Boost 101 webinar and are ready for more, join us as we go over best practices to make the most out of your account and ads including how to review/edit ads, how to respond to ad comments and engagement ... and much more!

Join us as we discuss Boost's agent promotion ads to help you build your personal brand and stay in front of prospective buyers. In this webinar, we discuss things like what is personal branding and why it is important, how can you use digital advertising to strengthen your personal brand ... and more!

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