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What's the difference between a gated and ungated landing page?
What's the difference between a gated and ungated landing page?

Pick where you'd like to send users who click on your ad!

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When users click on your ad, they will be taken to a landing page to grab more details and photos about the property. By default, ad clicks go to a mobile-optimized Boost landing page designed for qualified lead capture, or you can also choose to send traffic to your own landing page. You will see the default selected as you create your ad.

You do get to pick whether or not you require users to provide their email address before showing the property's address, map, or photos on a landing page. This is where the “gated” and “ungated” terminology come into play.

What is a “gated” landing page?

Gated landing pages allow Boost to place valuable information about your listing (like the address, extra property info, and photos) behind a form that requires landing page visitors to provide basic contact information before they can access it.

And the best part? Boost can create these gated landing pages for you, so you can focus on other tasks! Boost landing pages are beautifully designed with your branding and colors, your contact info, and are already optimized for high engagement.

Also, if you gate your Boost landing page, we will provide you with the contact information users have entered (via their Facebook or Instagram profile) to unlock the listing’s details after they tap the "LEARN MORE" button on their news feed. On a small 1-week ad, this typically results in 10-20 names and verified email addresses that we will collect and provide to you for easy and fast follow up!

Gated landing pages definitely help build your client base, widen your sphere of influence, and helps you get in contact with prospective buyers actively looking to purchase a home now, or in the near future.

Check out our Lead Follow-Up article to see where agents have found the most success with their leads from Boost landing pages!

What is an “ungated” landing page?

We also allow you to choose an ungated Boost landing page, or to send ad traffic back to another website of your choice (such as your brokerage’s website).

Ungated landing pages do not require users to provide an email address or contact information to view the full details of your listing. This type of landing page actually allows you to showcase your listing to the widest possible audience because of that.

You should use this option if you already have a single page website for your listing or event that visitors can use to sign up and be notified through a different system.

Remember: If you choose to go with an ungated landing page, you won’t have the advantage of grabbing the contact information of dozens of prospective buyers for easy follow up.

What else should I know?

  • Ungated and gated landing pages look fairly similar, but have different features behind the scenes

  • Both types of landing pages have an optional field on the landing page for prospective buyers to provide additional contact information if they choose.

  • After your ad is already running, you do have the option to easily change your landing page to be gated or ungated in the Edit Campaign process. Just tap on the "Increase Exposure" button instead.

Check out this video about making purchases in the Boost dashboard. Skip ahead to the 2:30 mark to learn about Boost landing page options specifically.

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