When a people click on your ad, they are taken to your landing page to see more details about the property. Don't worry, you don't have to create this page yourself - Boost landing pages are beautifully designed and already optimized for high engagement. However, you do get to choose whether or not you require people to provide their email address before showing the property's address, map, or photos. This is called "gating".

Check out this video about making purchases in the Boost dashboard. Skip ahead to the 2:30 mark to learn about Boost landing page options specifically. 

Gated Landing Page

Using this page will require people to provide their email address before seeing the property's address, map, or photos.

This type of landing page helps you build your client base, widen your sphere of influence, and helps you get in contact with prospective buyers actively looking to purchase a home now, or in the near future. 

Each campaign with this goal will have a gated landing page that requires prospective buyers to unlock the listing's details with their Facebook profile. Once they unlock the landing page to view more photos, view the address, or get directions, you'll be provided with their verified email address to follow-up with. 

Check out our Lead Follow-Up Article to see where agents have found the most success with their Boost leads! 

Ungated Landing Page

This type of landing page allows you to showcase your listing to the widest possible audience. 

Any prospective buyer that clicks on your ad will not be required to provide an email address or, any other information to view the full details of your listing.

What Else Should I Know? 

Both types of landing pages will have an optional field on the landing page for prospective buyers to provide additional contact information if they choose.

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