Have an ad you’re ready to boost and want to promote it from your own Business Facebook page? In other words, you’d like the header at the top of the ad to show your brokerage’s name (not HomeSpotter’s).

before and after connecting Facebook page ad

The good news is that it’s easy!

1. Log into your Boost dashboard

If you’re not sure how to find your dashboard, go to https://homespotter.com/signin/ and type in your brokerage email address and we’ll look for your dashboard. You can also go back to any email you received from boost@homespotter.com for a direct link to your dashboard.

2. Select the property you’re advertising

Then hit the “Create listing ad” button. An ad preview will open along with image and text editing options.

3. Tap the Edit button next to "Ad text and image"

When the next window displays, tap the dropdown menu under “Business Page” and a new window will appear.

Connect to Facebook button

All the Business Facebook pages you own will populate after you tap “Connect to Facebook.” Simply scroll and select the page you’d like to connect with your listing ad.

You may be prompted to fill in your Facebook user and password info if you aren’t already signed in on the device you’re using. But don’t worry, this is how Boost will connect with your Facebook page.

Please note: You must be the owner of the Business Facebook page to be able to complete this step.

Facebook business page options

4. Hit the “Update Facebook page” button, then “Save and preview.”

You’ll see the updated page name on the preview.

before and after Facebook connected ad

5. Make other edits to your listing ad as needed, and complete the checkout process to finalize your Boost campaign purchase.

Watch this video showing the steps detailed above.

You can also follow this link to connect your page manually. Please note that your page will be updated on your next Boost campaign. 

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