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Where's my Open House?
Where's my Open House?

Not seeing an Open House option for your listing?

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Looking to Boost an Open House Campaign for this upcoming weekend? 

Helpful Reminders:

  • Open House Campaigns will appear in your dashboard on Wednesday or Thursday of the week leading up to your Open House depending on the scheduled day/start time of your open house

  • Open House Campaigns will run for a maximum of 3 days, and a minimum of 24 hours

  • If you Boost an Open House prior to 3 days before its start time, the campaign will stay in a "Scheduled" status until it reaches the 3 day campaign start timeframe 

  • Make sure your Open House has been entered into the MLS for at least 24 hours to ensure it properly shows in your dashboard

  • If you're seeing a note that says "Too Close to Start Time" it means the campaign is within the 24-hour start window and is no longer eligible to Boost on Facebook

If you're experiencing any difficulties Boosting an Open House campaign, please feel free to send us a chat so we're able to look into this further for you. 

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