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What does it mean when a lead requests more photos or an address?
What does it mean when a lead requests more photos or an address?
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You're likely seeing a lot of requests for information on your Boost listing ads. This is great! But what do each of these requests mean?

When a prospect see's your ad online and clicks on it, they'll be brought to a branded landing page (if using Boost landing pages) where they can learn more. Boost landing pages have a gated experience which supplies a limited amount of information about your listing. This includes one photo of your listing, a hidden address, and hidden directions. In order for the prospect to obtain this information, they'll need to unlock it with their Facebook account, which provides Boost their verified email address. 

Anytime a prospect requests more information, Boost will provide this information immediately on the landing page. The idea is to capture the email addresses of potential buyers who have shown a level of interest in learning more about your listing so you can follow up and win more business!

Types of Request Notifications: 

  • Requested more photos: Boost provides all available MLS photos to your new lead immediately 

  • Requested Directions: Boost links the prospective buyer to Google Maps in order to find the best available route to your listing

  • Requested the Address: Boost instantly provides your new lead the full street address

The notifications you receive stating that leads have requested more information regarding photos, an address, and directions, simply queue you in to the action the lead took to unlock your Boosted ad. All you have to do on your end is follow up however you wish! 

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