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How should I respond to comments and engagement with my ads on social media?
How should I respond to comments and engagement with my ads on social media?
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If you've been notified from Boost that someone has commented on your ad, congratulations! These can turn into great leads with the correct follow up. We've got some guidelines to help you as you're getting started with public dialog about your listings.

Voice: Everything you write should come across as informed and appropriately formal. Aim for a professional and friendly voice.

Tone: When responding to comments, your tone should match the tone of the original comment, when appropriate. When answering questions, use a friendly invitation for further engagement off of public social channels.

Terms to avoid: When referencing real estate listings in your responses, avoid any comments that could be the basis for fair housing discrimination. Especially avoid indicating any preference or limitation based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.

Moderation and Engagement 

Speed in response is important. Creating a response publicly is valuable, even if it’s just to acknowledge an issue or request. Look to respond to comments that need attention within 1 hour, and no less than 6 hours M-F 6am to 8pm.


Hide any public posts that contain:

  • Profanity

  • Negative and unconstructive content (trolling)

  • Unconstructive self-promotion

  • Obvious duplication of content

TIP: Boost will email you whenever someone comments on your ad. Look for the link to quickly hide any comments

Engagement - Information-Seeking

  • Provide quick answers when possible but avoid attempting to answer in-depth real estate questions requiring industry expertise.  These might include questions like "What are the HOA dues?" or "What does as is mean?" or finance questions like "What are the monthly mortgage payments for this condo?"
    For detailed and individualized requests, suggest a private DM discussion. 

Engagement - Would Like to See The Listing

  • Boost offers both active listing and open house ads. On both types of ads, a user might comment that they will be coming to your open house or would like to see the listing in person. Thanks the user for their interest and invite them to connect with you outside of the scheduled open house. A typical response to a comment like this might be "That's great! If you'd like to see it before the open house, I'm happy to show it to privately anytime this week." 

Engagement - Positive

  • Thank the user for positive comments and suggest additional ways for them to engage with you outside of the ad. This might include comments such as "Wow! I love the size of that backyard!" 

Engagement - Negative

While not typical, sometimes people have something negative to say about your listing ad. This might include a comment like "This house is too far from downtown Atlanta. Can you even imagine that commute? No thanks!" 

  • Express concern for comments with a negative tone publicly and seek to offer a resolution privately

  • Correct inaccurate factual information dispassionately

  • Avoid refuting complaints or arguing with subjective statements publicly

  • For negative remarks on a property, seek to offer context but don’t contradict the commenter’s opinion

When someone simply "Likes" or "Shares" your ad

There isn't necessarily a to-do for these, but you can always click on the reactors link to view their social media profile and then invite them to "Like" your business page so they are notified about other updates you may have in the future.

Response Templates for Common Comments on Ads

Here are some templates to help you get started with common comments you may start receiving on your ads. 

For users tagging other users or expressing an interest in a listing: 

“Thanks for your interest [Jane Doe]. Let us know if you need any additional information on the property.”

For detailed or specific information requests:

“[Jane Doe} that’s a good question that’s tough to sum up in a quick comment. We’ll send you a message and we can take it from there.”

“[Jane Doe] we can get that information for you. We’ll work on that now and will follow up with a message shortly.”

Correcting inaccurate information:

“Actually this home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Let me know if we can provide any further details on the property.”

For negative comments:

“I’m sorry to hear about that [Jane Doe]. Please send me a message if there’s anything I can do to help.”

“This home is presented as-is which is the reason it’s priced so low. It’s not for everyone but could be a great investment for the right buyer.”

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