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I'm brand new! How can I make the most of my automated Boost account?
I'm brand new! How can I make the most of my automated Boost account?

More details on Boost and using it to its full potential.

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Great news! Your brokerage has partnered with Boost by HomeSpotter to help you automate your digital marketing efforts. We look forward to working with you to take your real estate advertising to the next level!

In the meantime, let's get you acquainted with Boost.

What is Boost?

Boost by HomeSpotter makes life a bit easier by making it easy, convenient, and significantly less manual for agents like you to launch targeted ad campaigns for new listings, open houses, and more that will be seen on Facebook, Instagram and across the web by thousands of potential buyers.

The automated service pulls your listing ads or your brokerage’s listing ads to create both a beautiful listing ad PLUS a branded property lead page for you!

Two social media Boost ads

How Boost works

Let’s say you have a new property and would like to advertise the upcoming open house online across social media sites and others to drive foot traffic. Using your listing information, Boost will automatically build the ad with a high-res image, smart copy, and tagged with valuable geographic and other data to target the perfect audience of potential buyers.

Listings are populated from a data feed that we’ve set up just for your brokerage. This may be direct from your local MLS(s), or from a custom feed that your brokerage has shared with us.

Each brokerage that partners with Boost by HomeSpotter also has a custom dashboard set up for you to access. We'll pick the defaults, but if you'd like to make any changes before your ad goes live (or while the campaign is running), the Boost dashboard is where you’ll do that.

Laptop showing the Boost dashboard

➤ By using the dashboard tools, you have full editorial control on how your ad will look and the geographic area we’ll use to target potential buyers.

When everything looks good for your listing ad, you’ll launch an automated ad campaign through Boost and can eagerly await for qualified leads to roll in.

Why should I use Boost?

Boost sets itself apart with fine-tuned targeting technology and smart presets that make advertising homes a cinch for agents. Thousands of potential buyers in the area stand a great chance of seeing and clicking on the agent’s Boost ad as they check out the latest on Facebook or popular news websites. With Boost, your ads will be displayed all over the web on high-traffic websites and social media platforms!

Logos of websites where Boost ads can appear

Plus, everything is automated so you can “set it and forget it,” but you still have the editorial authority and the ability to cancel anything you don’t want to promote. With Boost by HomeSpotter, there is no heavy lifting needed on your side!

Who will see my ad?

When it comes to targeting, there are two goals:

  • Help you find new people.

  • Help you stay in front of your sphere of influence, and the people who have previously engaged with your Boost digital ads.

To accomplish this, HomeSpotter’s intelligent targeting system uses a combination of geo-targeting based on your listing’s location or the target area you select (we give you this control on every ad you run with Boost) and listing attributes (things like the price, # of beds and baths, and other unique features). Then our system optimizes your ad to reach the people who are most likely to interact with it based on their previous online clicks and behaviors!

What happens when someone clicks on my Boost ad?

By default, ad clicks go to a mobile-optimized Boost landing page designed for qualified lead capture as visitors supply their name and email address. If you'd rather drive traffic to another page, you can do so here, as well.

When you run an ad with Boost, you can choose to send that ad traffic to an ungated or gated Boost-hosted landing page filled with more information about the property.

Mobile phone showing Boost landing page

Gated landing pages allow Boost to place valuable information about your listing (like the address, extra property info, and photos) behind a form that requires landing page visitors to provide basic contact information before they can access it. On a small 1-week ad, this typically results in 10-20 names and email addresses that we will collect and provide to you for easy follow up!

We recommend going with the default Boost landing page. Here’s why!

You can also choose to send traffic to an ungated Boost landing page (one which doesn’t require users to provide information to see more listing details), or back to a website of your choice! Learn more about gated and ungated pages here.

I got an email from Boost, now what?

Here are a few recommendations for how to handle emails you’ll receive from Boost when a new ad is ready to be promoted:

  • Click on the link to view your ad on Facebook and share it with your own social networks. You can also do this anytime from the dashboard.

  • Add your seller's information. We can make sure to target your seller so they see their ad online while it's running!

  • Need to make edits? With Boost, you have full editorial control of your ads. Check out the preview of your ad. If you'd like to make any changes before your ad goes live (or while the campaign is running), tap on the Edit My Ad button.

  • You can always sign in to your dashboard any Boost emails, as well. In your dashboard, you can review and manage all of your Boost ads and make additional purchases or upgrades, if you choose.

Boost email

How should I follow up with the leads I get?

This is where it gets fun! Soon you'll start to receive email notifications when someone comments on your ad, or interacts with your landing page. We've got some great tips on follow up on leads and comments you can go through here.

As you get started with Boost, connect with our support team anytime by emailing

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