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How can I purchase an ad from the dashboard?
How can I purchase an ad from the dashboard?
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You can purchase ads from the Boost dashboard anytime. Let's walk through it step by step and review the options you have.

Select a listing to Boost

Any listing that is eligible to be promoted with Boost will be found in your dashboard with the option to Boost. Tap on "Create a listing ad" to get started.

You can then select what type of ad you want to run.

View A Preview

That was easy! You'll now be brought to a page to review your ad and what it will look like! REMEMBER - you can still make edits to your ad before it goes live. 

Optional - Make Edits

If you have edits you'd like to make and you've selected "Edit Your Ad" you'll be brought to a new page where you can

  • Edit the headline, description and ad photo (NOTE: Boost will automatically pick the first photo in the MLS feed, but you can select any photo on the MLS for your ad)

  • Edit the "Sponsored by" page and connect your own page to promote this listing from

Select Where You'll Drive Ad Traffic

Next, you'll be asked what your goal is for this ad. You'll have 3 options with Boost:

  1. Gated Landing Page- Each campaign with this goal will have a gated landing page that requires prospective buyers to unlock the listing's details with their Facebook profile. Once they unlock the landing page to view more photos, view the address, or get directions, you'll be provided with their verified email address to follow-up with.

  2. Ungated Landing page- Choosing this option allows you to showcase your listing to the widest possible audience without a gated landing page. Any prospective buyer that clicks on your ad will not be required to provide an email address or, any other information to view the full details of your listing.

  3. Pick your own page - You don't have to use a Boost generated landing page. You can pick any URL that you choose to send traffic from your ad to. In this case, select "Impress my Seller" and you'll see an option to select your own page in the next step. 

Choose An Audience

You can show your ad campaigns to new people who are in the market for a home using HomeSpotter’s intelligent targeting system, or by creating a custom audience using contacts from your own sphere. Let's go through both!

Select ad Size (how many people will see it)

Boost has 3 package sizes with different prices. This will allow you to choose how many people that we'll target to see your ad. If your broker partners with Boost, you may be eligible to receive discounted pricing. You'll see those discounted prices on this page. 

NOTE: Size only refers to how many people we show your ad to and not the actual physical size of the ad that will be seen online. 

Review and Place Order

Finally, it's time to checkout! Make sure to review your ad goal, size, length and price before placing your order. 

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