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Frequently asked questions admins receive from agents, and what you need to know as you're getting started.

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You’ll get better agent adoption if you think strategically about how to roll out Boost by HomeSpotter across your company. While your rollout plan should be unique to your business needs, follow these best practices and agent resources to help you succeed!

See more about live & on-demand training sessions, ways to contact our team, the types of communication you can expect to receive, and FAQs.

Tips for a Successful Launch

➤ Make sure you're always in the know on new training sessions for Boost by HomeSpotter ... check this page often for updates!

Live weekly and on-demand training sessions

We host weekly dashboard training for admins every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30am.

Boost admin training session

Boost Dashboard and Program for Admins: Get all the info you need on the Boost by HomeSpotter tool. In this session tailored specifically for admins, we'll go over:

  • Admin dashboard access and training

  • Lead and engagement reports available for download

  • How and when Boost gets listing and agent data

  • How to talk to agents about Boost

  • Common agent Q&A

  • And more

Agent training sessions

We also host a variety of webinars available for agents to sign up for any time. We'll also do our best to make sure they're aware of these sessions, but we've found that having your support greatly increases adoption.

Please post these along with a direct link to your Boost dashboard on your intranet or on another internal tool that agents have access to from your brokerage. Here are the links for each of the session.

Boost 101: An introductory session that goes over the basics of Boost.

Held every Monday and Thursday at 10am and 2pm.

  • What is Boost and how does it work?

  • Boost automation

  • Boost communication

  • Getting started

  • Live demo

Boost Best Practices: After taking Boost 101, learn more about how to optimize your program and grab extra tips and tricks.

Held every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10am and 1pm.

  • How to review/edit ads

  • How to respond to ad comments and engagement

  • Sharing your ads with your network

  • Making sure your seller sees their ad

  • Additional ad types (like just sold ads, video ads, and agent promotion ads)

  • And more!

Using Digital Ads to Build Your Personal Brand: Learn about Boost Agent Promotion ads and how they can help agents build their personal brand.

Held every Monday and Friday at 9am and 1pm.

  • What is personal branding and why is it important?

  • How can you use digital advertising to strengthen your personal brand?

  • Measuring the success of your ad

  • Next steps to get started - best practices

➤ All of our webinars are interactive and include live chat with our support team so agents (or you) can ask questions during the session!

Types of emails agents will receive from Boost

One of the great things about Boost by HomeSpotter is that we'll notify your agents about the right stuff, at the right time! We have a few types of communication you and your agents can expect to see.

1. Onboarding emails sent to agents when they're added to your roster

Whenever a new agent is added to your Boost roster, they'll receive our onboarding email campaign. This includes three emails that welcome, offer help, and show social proof to your agents to encourage their use of Boost.

2. "Life of the ad" communication

These emails go out to agents who are tied to ads that are running for their brand or listings. These are our default settings, however, your brokerage may have worked with their Customer Success Manager to modify these for your account specifically.

Email type & timing

Sent to:

Ad is Live: Sent as soon as the ad is live

Primary listing agent

Someone Commented on an Ad: Sent in real time

Primary listing agent

Daily Ad Summaries: Sent regularly during the life of the ad

Primary listing agent

End of Ad Activity Report: Immediately after an ad finishes running

Primary listing agent

Ad Opportunities: When an agent has an open house, price reduction, sold property, or any other ad type that is not being automatically Boosted on their behalf

Primary listing agent

Leads (if using Boost-powered landing pages)

Via email to the listing agent and available for download by agents and admins from the dashboard

Learn more about the types of emails here.

Note: All emails are sent from If an agent can't find an email from us, have them check their spam folder. They can also access the Boost dashboard to see what ads they might have running live.

FAQs about Boost to share with agents

How will an agent know if their listing is being promoted?

The great thing about Boost is that we'll keep the agent notified about all of their new listing ads! They'll receive an email alerting them before your listing ad will go live. This email will give the agent a preview of their ad, the ability to edit if desired (e.g. change some text) and add their seller’s information (so that we can better ensure that they see the ad too).

How long will the ads run, and how many impressions can I expect them to get?

In other words, you're wondering how many people will see your ads. You will typically see 2,000-3,000 impressions per one-week listing ad. A precise number isn’t guaranteed, as the number varies based on a variety of factors including how likely it is that people are to engage with your ad, how selective the target audience we are able to create for you is, and what other advertisers are competing for space at a given time.

Exactly who will see my ads?

HomeSpotter’s intelligent targeting system creates a unique audience for each listing. The system categorizes a listing based on a variety of factors including price, number of bedrooms, and many other unique characteristics of the property that might appeal to specific home buyers described in HomeSpotter’s marketing personas. The system then builds an audience combining narrow targeting to our specific persona groups in the area surrounding the listing with broader targeting in the more immediate geographic area. This allows the system to prioritize reaching the people who are most likely to be interested based on their known attributes while maintaining a large enough audience size to ensure that we can deliver volume.

Many other factors are included such as stage of the listing (new listing, reduced price, open house, recently sold, etc.), population of market, average home value of market, average household income of market, # of months of inventory in market, average # of days homes are on market, media inventory available in target geography, length of campaign, time remaining, time of day, and per listing lifetime budget.

Finally, the Boost by HomeSpotter platform also includes powerful retargeting capabilities designed to ensure that listing agents and sellers see their listing online, helping to deliver agent and seller satisfaction. 

Can agents extend the duration of the automated listing ads and/or create additional ads for open houses?

Yes, agents may log into your Boost account and extend the duration of your listing ad or place an order for a separate ad for an open house, price reduction or perhaps a new listing that was excluded from the program. Agents must pay for these ads from their own personal credit card. 

They can also purchase additional weeks on their ads. More information available in the Boost dashboard. 

Can an agent extend the ad as soon as it launches, or do they need to wait until it expires?

Once an eligible ad starts running, agents can go into the dashboard from the moment it begins through its runtime and select "Increase Exposure." Here they'll have a choice to either extend the ad “Now” which will increase the exposure during the company paid period, or after its current runtime which will extend the ad for an additional seven days. Once the ad finishes running, it will move to a status in the dashboard called "ENDED" and from here you can choose to Boost again and start a new promotion.

Can agents change the targeting of any of my ads?

(e.g. I only want to hit a 2-mile radius with a potential buyer making $100,00+). Unfortunately, Boost doesn't allow agents to change the promotion criteria in any of their ads. All ads will run with Boost's automated targeting based on that properties location, price and attributes.

When someone clicks on an ad, where will they be taken?

For Boost-powered landing pages: People that click on the listing ads Boost creates will be sent to a custom branded listing  landing page that Boost will also create. This listing landing page includes more information about your listing, presented in a way that’s optimally designed to capture leads.  It will also show your picture (the listing agent) and include your contact information (phone and email) so prospects can reach out to you immediately. 

These landing pages are considered “gated” as they limit the amount of information the consumer sees.  This encourages the consumer to either log in via Facebook or register with contact information to see the property address and pictures, or to submit a request for information. If you choose to extend an ad or run any other type of listing ad, you may choose to send to the ad to a link of your choosing that is different from the automatically created landing pages Boost creates.

If you use your own website: Boost might also have your account setup to send traffic back to your company website, and the listing details on that page.

Can agents change where the ad will link to?

Agents will not be able to edit the link on company-paid ads. For ads they create on their own, please feel free to link the ad to any site they prefer as noted above.

Where can agents manage and review the results of their ad campaigns?

The simple answer: the Boost dashboard! There, agents can see the status and activity of each of their ad campaigns, edit the content of the campaign and initiate new ads. 

Agents can also add their seller’s contact information within your account so that the seller receives a report showing how the agent is going above and beyond to promote their home. When you add the seller's information, the seller also becomes more likely to see the ad for their home as they browse the web and use Facebook – increasing seller satisfaction.

What communication can sellers receive about their listing ad?

If an agent adds your seller’s information with Boost, they can also choose to send out a couple of emails to their seller including. 

  1. Ad Preview – Your seller will receive a notification when their listing ad is about to go live with a link to preview the ad.  

  2. End of Ad Report – Your seller will receive an email with an activity summary for their listing ad after it concludes. 

These are both optional in the Boost dashboard.

Can agents share their ad with others?

Yes, they’ll get a link to the ad within the "Ad is Ready" email that we send out, as well as right in the Boost dashboard.  

If we update the listing on the MLS, will the ad automatically update?

The ad copy and photos will not automatically update if there is an update to a listing from the MLS after the ad has gone live. An admin or agent would need to update things like the price or photos in the ad from the Boost dashboard by tapping on "View" next to the ad you'd like to edit and then "Edit Campaign".  

If you're running an Open House ad and the time of the open house changes after your ad has gone live, you'll also want to go into the dashboard and update the time shown on the ad. If your listing changes from an active status, Boost will automatically pull the ad for you.

Note, however, that the landing page that Boost drives traffic to will automatically update for you with any changes/updates from the MLS. 

Why did an agent not receive their listing campaign?

There are a few reasons why an agent might not see a campaign created. The most likely reason is that Boost has not received the data yet. It can take a day or two for them to receive the listing data after you enter it into the MLS. 

It is also possible that a listing photo has not yet been included with the listing. An ad cannot be built without a listing photo, but as soon as one is added, Boost will automatically build the ad. 

The final major reason for an ad not to be created would be if the property was listed before the launch date or is not part of the automated boosting criteria, and therefore will not be included in the program. Those listings can still be found in the dashboard and can be purchased on an agent's own card if they choose.

Contact us with questions, concerns, or comments!

Email us: (agents can also reply to any email received about their ads or onboarding and they’ll be routed to our support team to respond)

Chat with us: In-dashboard chat is available on weekdays between 8:30am-5pm CT. All messages that come in after hours (chats and emails) will be responded to the following day (or Monday on weekends) and urgent requests will be flagged and responded to sooner.

Phone: We know talking on the phone is sometimes needed. HomeSpotter will be sure to offer a phone call when necessary; however, dedicated phone support is not available at this time.

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