Welcome to Boost! 


The Boost dashboard is where you'll go to manage all of your agents, listings and ads. We encourage you to spend some time reviewing this full dashboard walkthrough video that touches on everything you have access to as an admin for your account, but we get it, time is precious.  

Here are some key spots you can skip ahead to if needed:

0:41 - Managing your agent and office roster
4:03 - Editing profiles
5:50 - Account settings
8:15 - Listing type filters
10:15 - Export reports
12:20 - Ad campaign details
14:57 - Boost purchasing power
19:37 - View dashboard as admin without purchasing power
23:52 - View dashboard as an agent only (no admin access)

Now that you've reviewed the dashboard, let's talk about frequently asked questions administrators receive from agents, and what you need to know as you're getting started.
Getting Started as a Boost Admin

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