You can upload lists of contacts for your Boost Agent Promotion ad and target your sphere. 

What does Boost need in order to target my contacts?  

Boost needs to have either an email address or a phone number in order to identify a contact and serve ads to them. If you have BOTH email and phone number for any given contact, that works too and provides more information for our targeting system.

The Boost uploader will scan through your uploaded list and search for email addresses and phone numbers. It will skip any other contact information and just identify the email and/or phone number on any given row. If there are identical email AND phone number on multiple separate rows, we will treat these as a single contact. 

What format and file type does my list need to be in?

The Boost uploader will accept files in the file format CSV. 

While the Boost contact uploader will search for the right information, it will perform best if the following two-column format is used:

Phone numbers must include area code and be 10-digit or 11-digit. Any style is acceptable.


Any given email address can have multiple phone numbers, but each pair must be on a separate row. Any given phone number can have multiple email addresses associated, but each pair must be on a separate row. If there are multiple email addresses or multiple phone numbers on any given row, the upload will fail.

Is there a minimum or a maximum number of contacts I can upload?

A list can have a maximum of 10,000 rows. We recommend a minimum list size of 300 for optimal ad performance. If you do not have a list to upload and would still like to run an Agent Promotion campaign, you can skip this list completely, and just target based on the area you've chosen. 

What is a CSV?

A Comma Separated Values (CSV) file is a plain text file that contains a list of data. CSV files can be opened or exported from MS Excel or Google Sheets. Most contact databases will automatically export a CSV file.

For more information on what a CSV file is and how to create one for import, please see this link.

Is my contact list secure when I upload to Boost?

Yes. Boost will never share or sell any of your contact list data, and this list will only be used for targeting on your own ads and no other agent. We take security seriously and we understand that you own the data on the lists you're uploading to Boost.

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