You can show your ad campaigns to new people who are in the market for a home using HomeSpotter’s intelligent targeting system, or by creating a custom audience using contacts from your own sphere. Let's go through both!

New Audience - Use HomeSpotter's intelligent targeting

If you select this option at checkout, you'll be prompted to choose a location or area where you'd like to reach people, and we'll do the rest for you! 

HomeSpotter’s intelligent targeting system creates a unique audience for each listing. The system categorizes a listing based on a variety of factors including price, number of bedrooms, and many other unique characteristics of the property that might appeal to specific home buyers described in HomeSpotter’s marketing personas. 

The system allows Boost to prioritize reaching the people who are most likely to be interested based on their known attributes while maintaining a large enough audience size to ensure that we can deliver volume.

HomeSpotter also looks at the location you choose and uses geo-targeting to make sure we're showing your ads to those in the selected area. 

We rely heavily on proprietary algorithms that are based on third-party data, public records and even from online signals that are detected about specific consumers. This means that HomeSpotter does not rely solely on Facebooks targeting tools and is why it results in high click thru and lead capture rates. 

Custom Audience - Target contacts who have previously visited a HomeSpotter ad landing page, upload a list of your own contacts, or target your Spacio open house visitors. 

If you select this option at checkout, you'll be prompted to build an audience using a combination of previously contacted or determined people. Let's go through each:

Website Visitors

This options allow you to retarget those who have previously clicked on a Boost powered landing page on one of your previous ads. You'll see a pre-populated number here if you've used Boost's landing pages in the past for other ads. Once you've had at least 300 people visit a Boost landing page from your ads, you'll be able to use Boost's new customer audience. 

Why we need at least 300 people: A minimum audience of 300 people is required in order to deliver an effective retargeting campaign. You can increase the audience size by running additional ads that drive traffic to a Boost landing page until you hit at least 300. 

Checkout the article: What's the difference between a gated and ungated landing page? To learn more about HomeSpotter landing pages.

Spacio Leads

If you and/or your brokerage uses Spacio for open house lead capture, you can import a list of your open house visitors to retarget with your Boost ads online. 

What is Spacio? Spacio is an open house tool that accurately collects visitor information and automatically send follow up emails after your open house ends. No more unreadable handwriting, no more lost leads. If you or your brokerage is not using Spacio, lear more here.  Agents can also sign up for a free 30-day trial of Spacio! 

Your Contacts 

Staying in front of your sphere of influence is so important! Upload a list of your current and past clients, neighbors, professional and personal networks, members of clubs you may belong to, and anyone on your previous marketing lists that you’ve interacted with. Online ads are a great way to remind those around you that you’re an active agent, without reaching out to them directly. 

Boost will accept a CSV file upload with emails and phone numbers. You can find additional instructions on adding your list of contacts here

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