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What is a Facebook or Instagram ad?
What is a Facebook or Instagram ad?

And learn about the benefits of running these ads.

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While checking out the latest on Facebook or Instagram, anyone in the midst of a home search is bound to be hit with a plethora of real estate ads.

Boost actually creates those automated digital ads for new listings, agent promotions, and open houses that are seen on Facebook, Instagram (and across the web) by thousands of potential buyers!

  • Boost ads appear in a user’s Facebook or Instagram feed on both desktop or mobile

  • The ad content is paired with a “Sponsored by” page

  • Using your listing information, Boost will automatically build Facebook and Instagram ads with a high-res image, smart copy, and tagged with valuable geographic and other data to target the perfect audience of potential buyers

Here's a bit more on Boost's targeting so you can understand the types of people we'll place these sponsored ads in front of on social media sites.

Facebook and Instagram ads displayed on phones

What are the benefits of running social media ads?

What makes Facebook and Instagram ads so valuable is that they help agents and brokers generate more leads, collect valuable information of potential buyers while building brand awareness! The leads gathered from clicks on your ads get sent back to you.

Learn more about what happens when users click on your Facebook and Instagram real estate ads.

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