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Purchasing an Agent Promotion Ad for my agents
Purchasing an Agent Promotion Ad for my agents
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If you are a Boost account admin (office or brokerage admin) with purchasing power, you'll have the ability to purchase single Agent Promotion ad for your agents that are non-subscription. Let's check it out!

Sign into your Boost dashboard and tap on the "Admin" tab in the top menu. 

You'll see an option next to all of your agents to "Boost Agent". This will allow you to create an Agent Promotion ad for your agents that can run for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. 

NOTE: If there is already an agent promotion ad running for an agent, the button will be grayed out and will read "Ad Running". You cannot purchase an ad for an agent who already has an active Agent Promotion ad subscription, or a non-subscription ad purchased by an admin currently running.  

Next, you'll be brought to the checkout flow to review/edit the ad, choose a target area and landing page.  Once you've selected the duration of the ad and checked out, you'll see this ad along side any other agent or company paid ad in the dashboard. 

Click view to see the details and the expiration date for the ad. When the ad expires, it will stop running and the agent will be notified that they'll have the ability to extend the ad with their own money if they choose. 

Boost will email the agent letting them know their ad will begin running in 30 minutes with a link to view and edit. They'll also receive the normal communication including weekly reports on the ad performance, and real-time notifications anytime someone comments on the ad. 

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