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Purchasing Ads for Another Agents Listing
Purchasing Ads for Another Agents Listing
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As an agent, you are now able to purchase an ad for another agent’s listing in your office! This option also works if you are a co-lister or a part of a team.

If you are you hosting an open house for another agent, you can create an ad to help drive traffic to the open house with your contact information. 

In addition, if you are in a team or co-listed a property but you’re not the primary agent on the MLS, all you have to do is search for the listing to create your ad.

To get started with this, log into your Boost Dashboard and simply search any agents listing by MLS ID or street address. 

Select the listing and you’ll be able to customize the ad to your liking.

You will then go through the process of selecting where traffic will go, choosing your audience and selecting your plan. Then check out and you're good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Ad appear on my dashboard?
Yes, it will! You have complete control over the ad and can make edits when needed. 

What type of listing can I Boost?
All types that appear on your Dashboard (Listing, Open-House, Price-reduced, Recently Sold in select markets).

Where do the leads go?
The listing agent will not be notified and all ad details and any leads will go to and remain in the purchaser's dashboard. 

Can I purchase an ad for another agents listing from another office?

It depends on your Brokerage's settings. Please reach out to our Support Team for more information!

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