There are a few different reasons why an ad may be rejected by Facebook, and we've outlined the most common rejection reasons below. 

If you receive an email from Boost letting you know that your ad has been rejected, you'll want to log into your Boost dashboard, and tap "View" next to your live ad to make the necessary updates. 

Once you've made a change to your ad, it typically takes about 15 minutes for the ad to process again with Facebook, but may take up to an hour before we'll know if the ad was accepted or not. If the ad was rejected again, you'll receive another notice from Boost. If it was accepted, you will not hear from Boost and can assume your ad is now running.

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Too Much Text - Facebook recommends using images where less than 20% of the area contains text. If your image contains too much, Facebook may reduce the amount of delivery your ad receives or it may prevent your ad from delivering entirely. Use the image text tool to get a better sense of how well your image could perform.

Assumptions About the User- Ads shouldn’t contain text that assumes something about users’ personal attributes, especially related to race, ethnic origin, religion, age, medical condition or financial status. Some problematic phrases that come from listing remarks include things like ‘are you tired of shoveling snow?’ or ‘income-producing property can help pay your mortgage’. Even if this copy isn’t actually a violation of terms it can trip up Facebook’s automated moderation and should be rephrased.

References to Alcohol or Tobacco - There are strict promotion restrictions around targeting underaged users with ads promoting alcohol or tobacco products. What’s that got to do with real estate ads? In order to be compliant with Facebook’s special rules for housing ads, targeting cannot exclude any age ranges above 18 and public listing remarks often make reference to a wine cellar or a cigar porch. These can flag your ad and prevent it from gaining delivery.

Invalid URL - You must have a working URL for your ad to run. Facebook may reject your ad if your landing page isn’t working, or if it attempts to capture user information through a pop-up form immediately upon page load. Using a PDF or image file as your landing page is prohibited. 

Implied Endorsement  - Stay away from including trademarked brand names in your ad copy to avoid ad rejections related to implied endorsement.

Offering Financial Products - There are additional rules around offering financial products in Facebook ads. If your ad copy or landing page makes reference to mortgages, make sure you are not requesting or appearing to request personal financial info. Any claims around mortgage availability must be clear and factual.

Checkout Facebook's full ad policy page to learn more:

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