With Boost, agents can now create eye catching video posts in less than 5 minutes! This ad type will replace the static display ad on Facebook and Instagram. You can get up to 5 times more exposure than your listing ad and stand out from the crowd. 

How do I get started?

Click to creating a listing ad and select the Listing or Price Reduced option. Note the listing must have at least 6 photos in order to be eligible for creating a video, and it will be denoted with a "Video Ready" call out on the Listing Tile in the Boost Dashboard.

As you go through the ad creation process, you'll see the option to upgrade your ad to a video ad, just below the Ad Content widget and above the Landing Page chooser. Click on the "Learn More" button for a brief overview of the benefits of Video Ads, or jump right in by clicking "Build your video ad".

We'll pull in images from your feed and use your brokerages brand colors and logo. You can select 6 images in the order you would like them to play, write your own image captions for each image, and then you're all set! You can preview your video ad and make changes if needed. Please note that it can take a few minutes to generate the preview.

You can then choose where visitors will go once they click on your ad, select your audience type and location, and checkout.

Who will see my video ad?

Your video ads will be shown on Facebook and Instagram, including in stories. Your web ad will be the static image.

What is "Upgrade to Video"?

Any currently running static image listing ad that is Video Ready can be upgraded to a video ad! You can log into your Boost Dashboard, click to view your ad in order to upgrade to a Video ad.

When does an "Upgrade to video" ad start and how long does it run?

Choosing the Upgrade-to-video option always runs an ad campaign with the same Size and Duration as your original ad. For example, if the original listing ad is:

  • 1 Week Small, the upgrade-to-video will start a new 1 Week Small video ad, starting on the day of Upgrade purchase

  • 2 Week Medium, the upgrade-to-video will start a new 2 Week Medium ad, starting on the day of the upgrade purchase

How much does "Upgrade to Video" cost?

Whether the ad was originally paid for by your Brokerage, an Office admin, or you purchased it yourself, we’ll apply the original purchase price for your current listing ad to the corresponding video ad price, thus reducing the price for the video ad you purchase. Please note that upgrading earlier in the listing ad lifecycle will have a greater impact as more of the ad spend will be used with the higher quality video ad.

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