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How do I create a virtual open house ad?
How do I create a virtual open house ad?

Step-by-step guide on setting up your Boost virtual open house ad.

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You can promote your virtual open house using Boost! To Boost your next virtual open house, follow these easy steps.

1. Log into your dashboard

If you’re not sure how to find your dashboard, go to and type in your brokerage email address and we’ll look for your dashboard.

You can also go back to any email you received from, and you’ll find a direct link to your dashboard in the email.

2. Select the property where you’ll be hosting the virtual open house

Then hit the “Create listing ad” button. An ad preview will open along with image and text editing options.

Dashboard with create listing ad button selected

3. Tap the Edit button next to "Ad text and image"

4. Select "Upcoming open house" on the dropdown menu

A new set of criteria will display, including the open house date/time and a place to type in the URL for the virtual open house.

Dropdown of ad type options

5. Type in the URL for the virtual open house, then hit "save and preview"

The social media text will automatically update to describe that you are hosting a virtual open house! Verify that the ad preview is accurate for the property you are listing.

open house URL

If you're not seeing your Virtual Open House information pull in automatically, please insert the date/time and event URL (e.g. Zoom, Facebook Live link) in order to proceed. More about setting up your event URL can be found here.

6. Customize other ad options as needed

You can edit the description and select where you'll drive ad traffic. You can use a custom Boost landing page or enter your own URL. Please note that the Boost landing pages do have a lead capture form built in. More about that here.

Our intelligent targeting system is optimized to find buyers and sellers surrounding the selected location (so we recommend sticking with the defaults)!

You can also update the ad targeting, ad length and the ideal number of users to reach before you checkout.

Tip: How long to run your virtual open house ad

They should run for a maximum of 3 days, and a minimum of 24 hours. If you Boost a virtual open house prior to 3 days before its start time, the campaign will stay in a "Scheduled" status until it reaches the 3-day campaign start timeframe.

7. Checkout

Enter a promo code here if you have one, too. Hit “Checkout” and verify the ad listing and billing information on the following page. If everything looks correct, tap “Place Order” or tap the back arrow to make necessary changes.

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