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What happens when someone clicks on my virtual tour or virtual open house Boost ad?
What happens when someone clicks on my virtual tour or virtual open house Boost ad?

Here's what you can expect if you use a Boost landing page or your own.

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When purchasing an ad for an open house or virtual tour, you'll be asked where you'd like to send traffic that clicks on the ad. You'll have two options:

  • A Boost landing page that supports a link to your virtual tour or virtual open house

  • Your own custom listing page

Boost landing page

If you choose this option, Boost will create a landing page that will feature your branding and colors, your contact information, and more information about the listing. When you add a link to a Virtual Tour (a link to a YouTube video, or a Matterport video, etc.) or Virtual Open House (a link to a Zoom event, Facebook Live event, etc.) on this page, we'll also feature that event or tour.

HomeSpotter will also provide you with the contact information users have entered (via their Facebook or Instagram profile) to unlock the listing’s details after they tap the "LEARN MORE" button on their news feed. On a small 1-week ad, this typically results in 10-20 names and verified email addresses that we will collect and provide to you for easy and fast follow up.

You can also choose to gate these pages, so that visitors are required to provide their information via a Facebook unlock option. Boost can then provide you with the names and email addresses of those who unlocked to see more information about your listing and virtual tour/event. If you're using Boost landing pages with your ads, you'll receive notifications when someone interacts with those landing pages.

Example Boost Landing Page for a Virtual Tour: 

  • Features an embedded or linked virtual tour that visitors can watch

Example Boost Landing Page for a Virtual Open House: 

  • Features countdown to open house live event

  • Includes ability for visitors to register for your event (and Boost automatic follow up with visitors ... see below)

Automatic follow up from the Boost landing page for a Virtual Open House:

When visitors register for your event on a Boost landing page, we'll automatically email them the details and send a calendar invite with the event details. They can even choose to provide their phone number and we'll send out an automatic text alert.

For email and calendar invites, we'll send communication from For texts, a Boost number will be used.

Your own custom listing page

If you prefer, you can also skip Boost's landing pages completely and link to a different website of your choosing. You should use this option if you already have a single page website for your listing or event that visitors can use to sign up and be notified through a different system.

We do not recommend linking these ads to an agent "About Me" page, or a standard listing detail page from your brokers website as you will not get the benefits of the automatic virtual event follow up provided with a Boost landing page.

Check out our Lead Follow-Up article to see where agents have found the most success with their leads from Boost landing pages!

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