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Getting started with Brokerage Promotion Ads
Getting started with Brokerage Promotion Ads

Facebook and web ads to elevate your brand and recruit talent.

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Brokerages can create social media and web ads to promote their brand and recruit new talent. Brokerage promotion ads give you the opportunity to quickly and easily create campaigns designed to elevate your brokerage’s brand and identify prospect agents who have an interest in joining the team.

Who can create or edit brokerage promotion ads?

Only Boost admins with purchasing power can create brokerage promotion ads. Office or brokerage admins who navigate to their Boost dashboard will see a new section titled "Brokerage Promotion Campaigns," along with explainer text and graphing for any active promotion campaigns.

Other site admins on the account (without Boost purchasing power), will also see these ads, but only in the list of all running ads (not as a callout in the Brokerage Ad Campaign section of the dashboard).

➤ Both site and office/brokerage admins can manage, review, and make edits to brokerage promotion ads.

Where can I create or edit my brokerage promotion ad?

This section is featured below any active campaigns running on the account, but above additional inventory available for purchase. From here, the Boost admin can view, edit, create and manage their brokerage promotion ads just like any other ad type.

After an ad is created, all other site admins will be able to see the ad in their dashboard, as well.

Once a brokerage promotion ad has been placed, any admin will see it in two places: in the list of running ads and in the Brokerage Promotion Campaign section below currently-running ads.

How do I create a brokerage promotion ad?

The brokerage promotion workflow is very similar to the agent promotion workflow, including the functionality to upload your own artwork.

Head here for the easy 1-2-3 steps for setting up your broker promotion ad.

How is targeting set up for brokerage promotion ads?

There are two ways you can target your Brokerage Promotion Ad:

  • Enter an address: Boost’s intelligent targeting system will target an audience (i.e. potential buyers or agent recruits) that lives in the area you indicate.

  • Add your contacts: Upload your contact list of prospects and we’ll show them your ad when they browse their favorite social media page or website.

Please note that once a location is selected, it cannot be changed for the duration of the ad.

What happens when someone clicks my ad?

As you create your brokerage promotion ad, you’ll enter a URL where you'd like to send users when they click on your ads. This can be any website you choose.

Many brokerages choose to link to their company site or personal website.

Boost landing pages for brokerage promotion ads are not available.

Where will my ads be placed?

Your brokerage promotion ads will be placed on Facebook, Instagram and across the web on thousands of sites, targeting potential buyers and sellers in the area you choose.

How often do brokerage promotion ads run?

Brokerage promotion ads are not subscription based. You can make single purchase (starting at $99/month) brokerage promotion ads for the following intervals:

  • 30 days

  • 3 months

  • 6 months

  • 12 months

There are no long-term commitments, and you can cancel anytime.

Have additional questions about brokerage promotion ads? Check out the FAQs for more specifics.

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