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I'm a Boost Account Office or Brokerage Admin
How do I purchase Boost Listing Ads for my office or brokerage?
How do I purchase Boost Listing Ads for my office or brokerage?

For admins! Follow these steps to set up ads for your office or brokerage + see the benefits.

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If you are a broker admin or office admin, you can purchase listing ads for your agents from your individual account with your own credit card. See how this benefits both you and your agents here!

You’ll now see a new “Create Listing Ad” option underneath all of the listing inventory in your dashboard that belong to the agents you are an admin for within Boost by HomeSpotter.

HomeSpotter has already pulled in all listing information (listing details and photos) for the agents in your office, meaning that with just a few taps your ad(s) will be up and running on Facebook, Instagram, and across the web.

How to set up a listing ad

1. First, log into your Boost dashboard

Each brokerage that partners with Boost by HomeSpotter has a custom dashboard set up for you to access. If you’re not sure how to find your dashboard, go to, then type in your brokerage email address and we’ll look for your dashboard.

You can also go back to any email you received from, and you’ll find a direct link to your dashboard in the email.

2. Scroll down to select the property you want to advertise

Listings that are available to be promoted with Boost will be populated from a data feed that we’ve set up just for your brokerage. This may be direct from your local MLS(s), or from a custom feed that your brokerage has shared with us. Don’t see your listing? Reach out to our Support Team by sending an email to, and we’ll help you find it!

As soon as you click on the “Create listing ad” button for the property you’d like to advertise, an ad preview will open along with image and text editing options.

You can also create agent promotion and brokerage promotion ads! Click either of these links for the step-by-step on setting those up.

3. Make edits to images, text, and targeting info

The preview ad is auto-populated with key information from the listing feed and is optimized with visuals and text that have the best chance of getting clicked from a preselected ideal target audience.

You have the ability to customize these ad listing features to fit your needs. Simply tap the EDIT button next to the info you would like to update, and you’ll see real-time changes in the ad preview.

➤ Ad text and image

Update and verify text and images here. Or feel free to upgrade to a video ad, if the option is available for the listing!

  • Ad type & accompanying details (e.g. new listing or open house)

  • Social and web ad text and listing photo

  • Agent contact info and photo

  • By default, we’ve already connected your brokerage’s business page, but you can connect your own page as well, if you’d like! Learn more about how to do that here.

The pre-populated ad text and images are designed to drive clicks and traffic to your listing detail page. You can leave it as is (seriously, it’s already been optimized for a great performing ad!), or you can pick and choose what to edit. A few reminders to keep in mind, if you choose to do that:

  • Some ad placements allow a very limited amount of the ad’s text to show before it gets truncated

  • With that said, the ad text should start out with the most stand-out, compelling property features

  • Choose a listing photo that really shows off the property in its best light

  • Hold back from including the price up front to encourage clicks to (and interactions with) the landing page

➤ Who will see your ad?

Find an ideal audience of potential buyers who will see the ad.

Our intelligent targeting system is optimized to find buyers and sellers surrounding the selected location. The listing address is auto-populated, but you can make changes if you’d like. We start by targeting the area surrounding the selected location, but you can also tweak the targeting info. by inputting a different address or uploading your own list of contacts.

Learn more about how HomeSpotter’s targeting system works to find the best audience for every ad listing here. By the way, our targeting is compliant with Fair Housing guidelines and designed to work with Facebook's special rules for housing-related ads!

You can also build a new list based on website or open house traffic! As an agent, if you've had 300 visitors to your Boost landing page on (agent-paid ads only) in the last 90 days, you'll have the option to retarget and upload your own contact list.

Simply click on "Add on a custom audience of contacts and website visitors" under the map view and follow the on-screen prompts.

➤ Ad landing page

Choose where visitors should land after clicking on the ad.

By default, ad clicks go to a mobile-optimized Boost landing page designed for qualified lead capture. If you'd rather drive traffic to another page, you can do so here, as well.

There are many advantages of going with the default Boost landing page!

  • With your email notifications turned on, you’ll receive an email as users unlock the landing page with their Facebook credentials (supplying you their name and email address for easy follow up!)

  • Landing page engagement is also automatically reported in your Dashboard

  • HomeSpotter’s mobile-first design is continuously optimized for lead capture

➤ Ad views and running time

Where should the ad run, and for how long?

  • Select the number of weekly ad views desired

  • Choose how long the ad will run

You can run your ad for anywhere from 1 - 4 weeks and get 2,000 - 9,000 views per week. But many agents have success running a one-week ad with 4,000 - 6,000 views. The cost of the ad will automatically adjust based on changes made to the desired ad views and running time.

Note: Ads do go through a learning phase first with Facebook as the platform works to build the target audience. Grab more details on how that’s done here.

4. Check out, and your ad will go live!

Enter a promo code if you have one. Hit “Checkout” and verify the ad listing and billing information on the following page.

Be sure to check the credit card information to assure the ad will be billed to the correct account in your office. At this time, just one credit card can be saved per account. Tap the "Pay with Card" button and scroll down to view the credit card information for the ad you've just set up. Feel free to edit the info as needed.

Check your email, and add to your safe contact list. (We will send you ad listing updates from this email address!) At any point, you can make edits to your ad listing and can conveniently access it from these emails.

What are the benefits of admins purchasing ads?

Divide & conquer: While agents work on selling homes, hosting open houses, generating leads, and networking, you can help to easily promote their properties or office. With just a few taps in the Boost dashboard, you can launch listing ads, open house announcements, agent promotion ads and more that will be seen by thousands of potential buyers in moments. It’s a win-win for everyone in your office or brokerage!

Agent retention: It’s no surprise agents are focused on a main goal: to sell homes. One way to keep that sales pipeline flowing is to offer marketing support to your agents. Plus, as your office recruits to expand the team, having a talented supportive staff that can support agents with these types of valuable tasks is a big incentive for new agents to join.

Performance incentives: Reward top performers in the office or agents who’ve made a big impact in other ways by taking over their marketing duties (including ad set-ups) for a couple weeks. It’s amazing how a little bit of pitching in can go a long way for everyone in the office!

Save on the hassle: With the permission you're granted to purchase ads on behalf of your office or brokerage, you can set up ads within your own individual Boost account! No more running around trying to grab passwords or credit card info.

➤ We host weekly Boost dashboard training for admins every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30am. Sign up for a session today!

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