As a broker admin or office admin, you might be wondering how you can help your agents with their marketing efforts so that the whole office is set up for success. The good news is that you can purchase listing ads for your agents in your own Boost dashboard!

Supporting agents’ marketing efforts on a consistent basis may be just what they’re looking for, and being able to purchase and customize ads is a great way to pitch in.

There are many benefits of making these ads available for you to purchase. Here are just a few:

Divide & conquer: While agents work on selling homes, hosting open houses, generating leads, and networking, you can help to easily promote their properties or office. With just a few taps in the Boost dashboard, you can launch listing ads, open house announcements, agent promotion ads and more that will be seen by thousands of potential buyers in moments. It’s a win-win for everyone in your office or brokerage!

Agent retention: It’s no surprise agents are focused on a main goal: to sell homes. One way to keep that sales pipeline flowing is to offer marketing support to your agents. Plus, as your office recruits to expand the team, having a talented supportive staff that can support agents with these types of valuable tasks is a big incentive for new agents to join.

Performance incentives: Reward top performers in the office or agents who’ve made a big impact in other ways by taking over their marketing duties (including ad set-ups) for a couple weeks. It’s amazing how a little bit of pitching in can go a long way for everyone in the office!

Save on the hassle: Having the ability to purchase and set up ads for agents in your office or brokerage from your own Boost dashboard means there won't by any more running around trying to grab passwords or credit card info!

Not sure how to get started with ad set-ups?

Follow the steps outlined here as you set up your ads.

We also host weekly Boost dashboard training for admins every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30am.

Boost Dashboard and Program for Admins: Get all the info you need on the Boost by HomeSpotter tool. In this session tailored specifically for admins, we'll go over:

  • Admin dashboard access and training

  • Lead and engagement reports available for download

  • How and when Boost gets listing and agent data

  • How to talk to agents about Boost

  • Common agent Q&A

  • And more!

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