No matter your account type (agent, broker admin, or office admin), at this time one form of payment/credit card is allowed per user account. You can check/edit the credit card information a couple different ways in your dashboard.

On the final checkout page

Tap on the "Pay with Card" button, and the current credit card information will populate. Verify that the ad you've just customized should be charged to that credit card. If not, you can change it easily by following the on-screen prompts and refilling in the new billing information.

Updating the credit card information is straightforward. Just retype in the new information in all the fields and hit the orange "UPDATE CARD"

➤ Note: Past credit card information will not save.

In your Boost dashboard account settings

After you log into your Boost dashboard account, tap the arrow next to your image/name to open up your settings menu. Then tap on "Account Settings."

Then select "Boost Settings" to open up your subscription and payment options.

Scroll down to the "Add/Update Payment Details" section and tap the green "Add/Update Credit Card" button.

On the following screen, input your new credit card information and hit the orange "UPDATE CARD" button. You're all set!

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