What is a Nextdoor Ad?

Learn more about how you can advertise with Boost on Nextdoor!

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Your Boost ads can now run on Nextdoor, right in the Nextdoor feed. This is a unique opportunity for realtors and brokerages to advertise to a whole new set of users in local areas. The Nextdoor audience is exceptionally well-suited to be receptive to realty ads as all are adults, with nearly 75% being homeowners. In addition, the audience is already grouped by neighborhood, making real estate marketing a natural fit. Learn more about Nextdoor here.

Getting started is super simple! When creating your ad, simply click on the Nextdoor button to include this audience in your ad campaign.

➤ Note: This will be an additional cost, varying by package size.

You can then customize the ad as usual. The image will be the same across all platforms (Facebook, Instagram, other websites, and Nextdoor).

➤ Note: At this time, this is only for image ads. Video is not available on Nextdoor yet!

Ads will be placed directly in the Nextdoor newsfeed, appearing organically between user posts.

Nextdoor Ads: FAQS

Can I sign up for Automate & Save?

Yes, once you are enrolled, you can manage your Automate & Save subscription via your settings in your Boost Dashboard. Click on the drop-down menu next to your photo at the top right-hand side of your dashboard and click on Account Settings. From here, click on the Automate & Save tab to see your current subscription settings and make any edits needed. You will see the option to add the ads to Nextdoor.

Once you have edited your settings, you will see the "Save Changes" button will no longer be greyed out and you will be able to select and save your changes. Click here to learn more about our Automate & Save subscription.

Can I add Nextdoor to my existing campaigns?

Not yet, but this feature will be coming soon!

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