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How to Connect Zipforms with Boost
How to Connect Zipforms with Boost
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TMS is broken up into two main products with different offerings. Transactions Zipform Edition, and Transactions TransactionDesk Edition. Both products offer a similar level of utility for an agent, with the main functions being E-signature, and forms, all managed through transactions. Each product offers a direct integration that allows you to create two types of ads, agent promotion, which is an ad focused on brand awareness, and listing ads, which are already set up for the agent by this integration leveraging the transactions information.

How to get started?

You must have an active account with either TMS system, Transactions Zipform Edition, or Transactions TransactionDesk Edition. If you do not currently have an account, click here. You can also request a TMS Demo. Click here to schedule your demo.

  • Log in to your TMS account here.

  • In Zipforms you will be able to start Boosting Ads directly from 3 locations.

  1. Banner upon logging in – purchase agent promo or listing ad.

  2. Tile within Zipforms Partners tab > Market place

  3. Customer transaction history

    1. When you click on “start advertising or learn more” a new tab will open directing you to our Boost landing page where you will be educated on the two types of ads Boost offers.

    2. FUN FACT: If you start advertising directly from the transaction summary, the transaction address information will pull directly into the Boost landing page.


If you have any questions, you can visit the HomeSpotter Boost Help Center. Click here to access the HomeSpotter Boost Help Center.

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