1. Subscribe and Save overview

  2. How do I sign up?

  3. Managing your subscription

Subscribe and Save overview

As an agent, your brokerage may or may not be running ads automatically for some or all of your listings, or you may be apart of a program that simply gives you access to purchase Boost ads on your own through a partnership your brokerage has with Boost by HomeSpotter. 

In addition, you as an individual agent can also choose to sign up for Boost's new automated ad promotion for your listings, and receive additional discounts on ads you automatically run with Boost.

What kind of ads can run with Subscribe and Save?

Boost can automatically create an ad for these events:

  • New listings

  • Open houses

  • Price reductions

  • Just sold listings

You’ll still have final editorial control before your ads go live, and you can cancel specific ads if you choose.

You'll choose which types of ad you'd like to automatically use Boost with, and we'll give you a discounted price on those ads anywhere between 8%-15% depending on the number of subscriptions you choose to run. 

How do I sign up for Subscribe and Save?

Next time you purchase an ad from the Boost dashboard, you'll see a new option on the checkout page to receive a discount on future ads that you choose to run automatically with Boost by choosing Subscribe and Save.

Select the Subscribe and Save option to see the discounts and ad types eligible for you to select. 

If you choose to subscribe to a specific ad type, anytime you have a listing that falls into that category (new listing, open house, price reduction or recent sale), Boost will automatically create an ad to promote it. We'll email you 24-hours before your ad goes live with the upcoming promotion details. You'll have the option to review and edit your ad before it goes live, or skip the individual ad promotion if you choose. 

Note: If you're a brokerage using subscribe and save, you can choose to notify your agents anywhere between 15-minutes and 8-hours before their ad is scheduled to go live.

Managing your subscription

If you do want to cancel your subscribe and save subscription, you can do so via your Boost Settings. You are able to uncheck all ad types that you are subscribed to and update your settings.

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