Advertising with Boost can really help to sell your listings faster and at top value. Making sure your seller knows you're doing this is really important. 

Ensuring your seller see's their ad and receives a report after the ad runs with the views, clicks and engagement can be done right in your dashboard. 

There are two ways to get started with adding you seller's info so we can start targeting them.

If you received an email from Boost about an ad that's about to go live,
tap on the button to add their info.

If you didn't receive an email, sign into the Boost dashboard and tap on View next to the listing ad you'd like to share. 

*If you just purchased an ad in the dashboard, please refresh the page and tap on "View" to add your sellers info after the purchase was made. 

Next, you'll want to tap on Add Seller Info:

We'll ask for your sellers name, email and phone number. We'll then email your seller a link to their listing ad and do our best to make sure they see it online as they're surfing the web.

When the ad finished running, they'll receive a similar report to you, but without all the agent information on leads you need. 

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